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Lacko Illustration's MONSTER MASH is a GRAVEYARD SMASH! Just in time for Halloween, it's Miami Beach illustrator Lacko Illustration's latest tee shirt collection for DC Shoes! inspired by all things kitschy, the nine tee set includes BEAST of the STREET, BEAST BOX and WOLFMAN JACKED. Drawing from Lacko's fascination with early surf and skate graphics, the designs are musical monsters straight out of a Wes Craven movie with echoes of Grandmaster Flash boom boxes and the tangled wires of thousands of junked 80s Walkmen. BEAST of the STREET is an acid green demon covered in tattoos and sporting an old-school skateboard. BEAST BOX is a modified boom box as imagined by Sid & Marty Krofft (makers of 60s hits "H. R. Puffnstuff" &"Lidsville"). And if you've ever spent a frustrating hour trying to untangle headphone wires or computer cables, WOLFMAN JACKED is a 10-color tribute to the jacked up experience of getting all your technology hook ups organized. This project was comissioned by DC Shoes Europe for three different t-shirt series. Each of the projects was divided into three separate designs for a total of nine screen tees; one "hero" or master artwork and two secondary designs incorporating the elements and colors of the master artwork. The two secondary designs also included the DC Shoes logo or brand name "DC" & "DC SHOES." The first screen tee design is titled "Beast of the Street" and is a 3-color print. The second screen tee design is titled "Beast Box" and is a 5-color print. The final screen tee design is titled "Wolfman Jacked" and is a 10-color print. Black color tee prints will include an additional white flash color print behind the designs. All tees will be on soon. Some can be see on the DC Europe site BeastBox Screen Tee • StarBeast Screen Tee • WolfBeat Screen Tee • StarWolf Screen Tee |

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