FEARNET.com The Fun House

FEARnet.com is the premier cable television channel and website for fans of horror, thriller and suspense entertainment. The channel is run by director James Wan of the famous Saw movie franchise who was looking to rebrand the FEARnet.com channel and web portal. One aspect of the site to be reimagined was the Saturday morning TV slot called, "The Fun House". This part of the channel would feature new and classic scary animation shows. "The Fun House" logo was created to represent this aspect of the channel on Saturday morning. The other character head was created as an animated bumper for the channels logo ID. The head was an homage to 15th century painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo who created masterful paintings of faces with fruit. To keep in the horror genre and make the design more pop and spooky, I created a cartoon head from real and imagined body parts and organs.

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