Unlucky Cat - Nine Lives

STAND OUT STICKERS "UNLUCKY CAT - NINE LIVES" | CATEGORY : ENTERTAINMENT - TV / ONLINE MEDIA | | CONCEPT : The Unlucky Cat design was created for an ongoing sticker set series for the US Ohio based printing company STAND OUT STICKERS. Stand Out Stickers has been printing artist decals since 2009 and is one of the main suppliers to print decals for Lacko Illustration's Etsy Shop. Drop by their "Sticker of the Month Club" site and pick up the new Unlucky Cat: Nine Lives sticker or join their Sticker of the Month Club and get a custom sticker every month from featured artists. You can also print your own stickers at Stand Out Stickers. Don't forget to use this referral code and receive 10% off your sticker print orders. | 10% OFF STICKER PRINTS http://standoutstickers.refr.cc/TH9779X Sticker Of the Month Purchase: http://stickersclub.com/stickers/2014-series/september/ Lacko Illustration Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/people/lackoillustration?ref=hdr_user_menu

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